versatile handheld motor

Dromos is an attempt to bring the technical category of handheld tools to a level of new possibilities. Refusing the terrific and dashing look of established home tools that does anything but reflect the main usage, Dromos strives for a functional aesthetic. It is its aim to bring the flexible and practical demands of heavy industry to anybody’s home. Therefore, Dromos features two modules that determine the intended use:

A battery with a unique slanted angle that supports the function as an electric drill and an adapter for stationary use as a motor. Both modules provide switches for changing the rotational direction. So, Dromos is not only a practical and robust drill, but also a reliable engine for winds, ventilators, opening mechanisms, etc. A floor panel screwed on the machine enables tight assembly on every surface, the adapter features the possibility of remote control.

originally term project in class product design 1, winter term 2012/13, redesigned in 2016