readable seating accommodation – sit-able reading accommodation

To revive a piece of Regensburg oldtown was the aim of this task. The result displays a concept for an interactive monument right in the center of St. Cassian’s Square. Concrete cylinders with wheel bearings serve as extraordinary seats, encouraging interaction through their own mobility. This is to be understood in two ways: On the one hand the user will always slip off and therefore has to be busy finding the right seating position. On the other hand there is also a possibility for intellectual interaction.

Like in my project Kuro, I use the archaic instrument of the rotating cylinder to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity: Reminiscent of prayer wheels and parchment scrolls, letters are engraved in the surface by sandblasting, inviting pedestrians to read, dwell and “scroll”, like they would in digital media. The reader doesn’t look at notes of town history, but rather at fairy tales from all over the world, once grown in oral tradition und therefore deepest expression of human community.

term project in class social design, summer term 2014